Evangelizing your Customers and Partners

Contribution: Partnership Marketer, Creative Director

Challenge: Undoubtedly one of the most powerful sales tools are customer case studies – let your customers do the selling for you. When you’re in an emerging market and selling to large enterprise accounts, it can be a lengthy process before you customer is willing to offer you use of their logo and testimonials. They are understandably cautious and request anonymity.

Strategy: We looked for opportunities for our customer champions – inviting them to be on a panel at an industry event or nominating them for an award. We then outfitted them with extra resources to be successful, such as tailored content without our branding.

We also looked to form alliances with strategic partners who weren’t customers, from pilot networks to drone manufacturers.


Below are several stories I’m particularly proud of — told from the bottom of the largest open-pit gold mine in the U.S. to the rooftop of a two-story steep in New Orleans.

These are crafted in a highly strategic way to hit our company key messaging and further our business objectives while being 100% our customers’ voice. My intention is to avoid the heavy-handed. Human-ize B2B stories. Resonate, move, entertain, and inspire. Build brand equity. Validate solutions in an emerging market. Make thought leaders out of early adopters. And generate forward momentum in our sales funnel.

In the early days, we had a lot of success with several insurance customers behind closed doors. Since they weren’t ready to be public yet, we channeled some of that success into an anonymous case study. This story was distributed with an ABM drip campaign strategy in a variety of forms: written content, video, software demos, and slides.



Once customers expressed interest in co-marketing opportunities, we hit the ground running with them, from thought leadership mainstages to digital marketing campaigns.





Our customers advocated for us via newsletters and social media channels. Channel partners co-authored studies with us, such as an accuracy study conducted at a Siberian mine.