Sales Enablement
ABM Strategy

Contribution: Marketing & Creative Director


Enterprise sales cycles are long and involve multiple gatekeepers. According to HBR, “the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases has climbed from an average of 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today, and these stakeholders come from a lengthening roster of roles, functions, and geographies.” (HBR, “The New Sales Imperative”, April 2017)  Moreover there isn’t always agreement between stakeholders what the problem is. How can you sell them a solution without them buying into a uniform problem first?

Particularly with a new technology like enterprise drone data analytics, you will find that your traction at large global enterprises begins with a sponsor at a single office, often with the CIO and innovation department. Once significant business value has been proven during an initial engagement, you then want to follow through with a land-and-expand approach. The challenge is your sales reps often gets squeezed out of the process at this point. The CIO will go sell your solution to other stakeholders at his or her company and isn’t going to bring your team along.

We also needed to onboard a channel of 30+ Cat dealers and enable them to sell as quickly as possible. This spanned multiple geos, languages, and verticals.


The goals were three-fold.

ABM Sales Program  We armed our team, based out of 3 offices (Americas, EMEA and APAC), with an aligned narrative and substantial collateral to go out and sell successfully.We crafted supportive collateral (website, slide decks, demo accounts, videos and leave-behinds). The personas and value props differed by industry, as did our voice. We ramped up outbound comms, held webinars, rose awareness at trade shows, and even took some guerilla marketing tactics to create sales opportunities. Our ABM digital approach focused on nurture campaigns as well as some lead gen, reaching key decision makers at target companies.

Land-and-Expand Program  We equipped our customer CIOs and innovation departments with tailored sales tools to more easily convince other business units, geographies, and teams of the value of our solution. Assets includes tailored collateral and videos, such as proof-of-concept recap pieces showcasing their data, or conceptual pieces that depicted how their company would use this new technology at scale in a meaningful way in 5-10 years.

Channel Activation & Support  We created a dealer portal with selling tools and co-marketing guidelines.

  • Welcome doc
  • Co-marketing guidelines
  • Videos
  • Sales decks
  • One-sheets, both for print and digital
  • Banners and large format for events
  • Custom landing pages
  • Raw imagery and graphics
  • Swag
  • Newsletters with feature updates

We supported five languages on a regular basis and accommodated additional requests. For print, we provided letter and A4 aspect ratios. We crafted communications (video and email) that highlighted the support, training, and troubleshooting we provided to our network.


Tailored content leveraged by our customer was hugely successful in expanding account revenue from existing customers, as well as generating new business. Most of the evidence here was anecdotal through correspondence with our customers and our customer success team.


One interesting learning was that in three of our six industries, customers preferred paper collateral over digital collateral.