Employment Brand
Recruiting Top Talent

Contribution: Creative Director


Airware was looking to double its engineering staff and turned to marketing to help ramp up those efforts.


Data indicated the heaviest organic prospective talent engaged with us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We used paid targeting on those services to amplify our presence. We also sponsored content on Glassdoor and similar platforms.

Successful recruiting also comes from within. We encouraged our employees to write reviews and share the recruiting materials with their networks. Engineering also launched their own blog.


I’m proud of the recruiting campaigns we launched at Airware to help attract top talent in a competitive market. We sought to capture how we were a passionate team that was bridging the gap between Silicon Valley–with its fast-paced, fun, and innovative culture–and the aerospace industry–with its long-standing spirit of solving some of the most ambitious engineering challenges in the world.

We earned substantial recognition on the best-places-to-work PR front and were able to provide a large employment brand press kit to media.

To kick off the campaign, we rolled out a main recruiting video.

This was followed up by a drip campaign comprised of more raw sound bites across social media channels.

We rounded this campaign out with the creation of additional assets, including written content, banner ads, and a more robust recruiting website. The campaign was very well-received. I believe this campaign captured our unique voice, spoke our visual language, and drew prospects in.

The biggest validation was from a number of employees over the years who said the content they engaged with during the interview process was a key factor in their decision to join the team.



Prior to this campaign, we launched a People Behind the Products series that sought to promote product and our people, engaging both prospective customers and talent alike.