Case Studies
I've always felt a final film or piece of content is only part of the story. I like to share backstory when possible to provide insight into the strategy behind the asset and how it helped achieve real business results.


I’m proud of the recruiting campaigns we’ve launched at Airware to help attract top talent in a competitive market. I sought out to capture how we’re a passionate team that’s bridging the gap between Silicon Valley–with its fast-paced, fun, and innovative culture–and the aerospace industry–with its long-standing spirit of solving some of the most ambitious engineering challenges in the world.

This was followed up by a drip campaign comprised of more raw sound bites across social media channels.

We rounded this campaign out with the creation of additional assets, including written content and banner ads. The campaign was very well-received. While I can’t publish metrics here, I believe this campaign captured our unique voice, spoke our visual language, and drew prospects in.

Prior to this campaign, we launched a People Behind the Products series that sought to promote product and our people, engaging both prospective customers and talent alike.











Undoubtedly one of the most powerful sales tools are customer case studies – let your customers do the selling for you.

Below are several stories I’m particularly proud of — told from the bottom of the largest open-pit gold mine in the U.S. to the rooftop of a two-story steep in New Orleans.

These are crafted in a highly strategic way to hit our company key messaging and further our business objectives while being 100% our customers’ voice. My intention is to avoid the heavy-handed. Humanize B2B stories. Resonate, move, entertain, and inspire. Build brand equity. Validate solutions in an emerging market. Make thought leaders out of early adopters. And drive the business forward.